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Please find here the newest software update and documentation for your LSG.

Ask us for new features. Customer requests can be realized in a very short time and are normally free of charge.

Want to develop your own LSG software? Get your drivers library and add your personal functions.
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All bug reports are welcome! Fixes will be published here, if necessary.


Please find in this table the current product: LSG2000
Bootstrap Loader

PC Tool for LSG 2000 Programming.

If you have problems with the standard loader, please try the slow version.

BSL V24.ZIP for LSG2000 or

BSL Slow V22.ZIP for LSG2000

You need one of these versions to program the LSG 2000!

Software LSG 2000

Engine Speed Trigger from External Sensor,

Turbo/Fan speed, CAN

LSG 2000 SW V2.6.8.ZIP

PDF Documentation only

PC Editor for EEPROM content EETOOL for SW 2.5.x V1.ZIP



Please find in this table the support files for LSG1000
Bootstrap Loader

PC Tool for LSG 1000 Programming.

BSL V17.ZIP for LSG1000

Please use it only for this version of LSG!

Basic Sofware LSG 1000

The most stable SW. No further development planned.

LSG 1000 SW V1.1.26.ZIP

PDF Documentation only

Improved Sofware LSG 1000

Better engine speed resolution. Works fine with all Bosch ECUs.

LSG 1000 SW V1.2.5.ZIP

PDF Documentation only